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2015 releases

Gem Andrews - Vancouver (Market Square; MSMCD169)


With a new confidence, control and maturity, guided by the Daintees' Martin Stephenson, Berlin-based Gem takes us with her on many journeys across countries, continents and oceans, seamlessly blending the shifting landscapes with the movements of her heart.

Vancouver's poignant lyrics are wrapped in delicate harmonies and uplifted by a skillful and intuitive eight-piece band. Rooted in alt-country, Gem's fiercely independent voice carries inflections of Patsy Cline, Lucinda Williams and Kate & Anna McGarrigle, in whose 'Heart Like a Wheel' Gem makes homage while rendering the song distinctively her own.

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Steve Ashley - 'This Little Game' (Market Square; MSMCD168)


From his award-winning debut, 'Stroll On' and the follow-up 'Speedy Return' - enriched with Robert Kirby orchestrations - to the Fairport-backed 'Family Album', the CND 'Demo Tapes', the Steve Ashley Band's edgy 'Mysterious Ways' and two fine releases for Topic Records: 'Everyday Lives' and 'Time and Tide', Steve Ashley has consistently melded tradition with innovation and delivered intelligent and inspired English poetry amid beautifully distinctive and original melodies.

Coming on the back of Dave Thompson's acclaimed biography: 'Fire and Wine'- An Armchair Guide to Steve Ashley', 'This Little Game' brings a sharp focus to bear on the stages and challenges of life from the cradle to the grave.

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2014 releases

New 26-track 2CD package of Rod Clements' hits for his band Lindisfarne reveals the writer's songs stripped back to their beautiful basics.


Subtitled Revisiting songs from the Lindisfarne Years 1968-2002, RENDEZVOUS CAFÉ is where all the songs Rod has written over the decades for Lindisfarne and others - hits, album highlights and stage favourites like Meet Me On The Corner, Road To Kingdom Come, Train in G Major, Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong and many more - finally meet in one place, sung by their writer for the first time on record.

It is at Rod's solo concerts that his audiences get to hear the songs as they were originally conceived, stripped back to the accompaniment of a guitar (and sometimes a double bass). Here they can once again be heard free of the rearrangements, revisions and reinterpretations that inevitably evolve during the studio production process.

And it is partly in response to requests from those audiences that Rod now presents RENDEZVOUS CAFÉ, where his musicianship and mastery of the song-writing art combine to provide his listeners with 26 beautifully crafted songs, together here - all in one place - for the very first time.

More at:

Sample tracks on YouTube

Available from ...
T 00 44 (0)1280 308010

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London studio Wall of Waves launches own label

London recording studio Wall Of Waves has expanded its services with the launch of a label imprint dedicated to its own artists.

The south London-based audio suite specialises in recording, mixing and editing, in stereo, 5.1 and 9.1 surround-sound with a mixture of digital and analogue equipment.

The label launches with the June 2014 release of the latest work by modern classical/fusion composer Marvin Ayres, 'Ultradian Rhythms' (Wall of Waves; WOW101) marketed worldwide by Market Square with UK distribution via Proper.

Artist: Marvin Ayres
Title: Ultradian Rhythms
File: Classical fusion
Label: Wall Of Waves/Market Square
Form: CD Digisleeve
Cat: WOW101
Barc: 5065001032202
Date: 09.06.14

Combining elements of contemporary ambient and electronica with the influence of Holy Minimalist composers such as Part and Gorecki, over the last decade experimental cellist/violinist Ayres has created a unique and consistently strong body of work.

This latest recording has metamorphosed from its inception some years ago as a short, improvised piece for 'live' performance into a scored, orchestral suite.

In it, Ayres interprets the neuro-scientific qualities of Ultradian Rhythms, where natural cycles occur, in a musical context and maintains the unique approach taken with its predecessor 'Harmogram Suite' wherein different playing techniques, recording set ups and textures have been deployed to create an authentic 'live' orchestral environment.

Written in six movements, 'Variations 1-6' and closing track 'Ultradian' comprise a complex architecture of over-dubbed sound layers, with every instrument and part played by the artist, forging still further a modern classical music of swooning intensity.

It's a work that further evidences Ayres' talent for evocating extraordinary emotions within a corresponding stillness.
Further information:

Below: YouTube - Variation Two by Marvin Ayres

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2013 releases

The Peter Ulrich Collaboration - The Painted Caravan

Peter Ulrich - percussionist for Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil releases new album as The Peter Ulrich Collaboration

On 11th March 2013 Market Square Records release 'The Painted Caravan' from The Peter Ulrich Collaboration.

'The Painted Caravan' marks the evolution of Peter Ulrich's trademark sound and casts the net even wider than before, embracing the spirit of baroque pop, folk rock and global roots, to unique effect. A broad spectrum of musical collaborators play instruments ranging from dobro to oboe and everything in between, all of which are adorned by stunning guest vocals.

Mesmerizing grandeur, solemn beauty, intricate-craftsmanship and sonic depth are all traits deeply inherent within this album. The Painted Caravan is likely to appeal to fans of Richard and Linda Thompson, Smoke Fairies, Faun Fables, Beirut, Luminescent Orchestrii, PJ Harvey's quieter moments and, of course, Dead Can Dance.

Opening track 'In This Or Other Skin' sets the album's highly visual tone with militarypercussion, reverb-heavy mariachi brass, bagpipes and an atmosphere akin to Josh T Pearson's 'Sweetheart, I Ain't Your Christ' in its brooding sense of menace.

On the evocative 'Pureland', eerie Gregorian-style chants give way to sitars blending with an ancient British feel, providing an updated take on psych-folk, which is laden with charming harmonies and lyrics that echo Trembling Bells.

'The Secret Gardener' continues in a similar style but with heavier bass, reminiscent of Cocteau Twins and The Decemberists, whilst 'Dark Lover' is inspired by Eastern European and Balkan music, unusually combined with Patti Smith-esque vocals, that give it a punk rock edge.

The otherworldly and romantic 'Starship (Golden Eye)' is the tear jerking story of a space traveler searching for the love that he has left behind, and 'Children Of The Rain' features the soulful vocal ensemble of Ulrich, Jen Elliot, David Steele, Sara Wendt and Saskia Dommisse, from folk duo Poets To Their Beloved.

'Hanging Man' is a tale of love gone wrong, murder and vengeance; it's also a highly accomplished, rich addition to the canon of 20th century versions of traditional standards matching Fairport Convention's 'Matty Groves' as an engrossing yarn full of drama and tragedy.

Primarily recorded, mixed and mastered at the world-class studio Engine Room Audio in New York, The Painted Caravan's journey also took-in visits to Peter's home studio in London, Kingsley Sage's studio in Brighton and Saskia Dommisse's studio in the Netherlands.

The assortment of world instruments used includes Uilleann pipes, bagpipes, ocarina, Yuet ch'in, Mayan drum, Chinese and Turkish cymbals, Wagner tuba, Chinese wood drum and darabuka.

The Painted Caravan was originally a concept developed by Ulrich and Trebor 'Big T' Lloyd -the CEO of City Canyons Records. The Peter Ulrich Collaboration's principal contributors are Peter Ulrich, Trebor Lloyd, David Steele, Anne Husick and Sara Wendt (formerly of cult band,Homer Erotic). Full credits are listed in the CD inlay.

The multi-instrumentalist Peter Ulrich is world-renowned for his drums and percussion work in the iconic Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil, plus his acclaimed solo endeavours; his first record 'Pathways and Dawns' was once described as the album the Beatles might have made had they signed to 4AD instead of Capitol.

In 1983 Ulrich became a member of Dead Can Dance who then were signed to 4AD. He played on their eponymous debut album, the 'Garden Of The Arcane Delights' EP and albums 'Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun' and 'Spiritchaser', in addition to playing on both John Peel sessions and virtually all live shows from 1983 to 1990. He also contributed the track 'At First and Then'to This Mortal Coil's 'Filigree & Shadow' album, and made percussion contributions to recordings by 4AD label-mates Wolfgang Press and Pieter Nooten (Xymox) and Michael Brook.

Post Dead Can Dance, Ulrich tried his hand at solo albums and released the much-praised 'Pathways and Dawns' in 1999 and 'Enter The Mysterium' in 2005, as well as making contributions to Piano Magic's 2009 album 'Ovations' and a guest live appearance with Daemonia Nymphe in London in 2012.

Track Listing

1. In This Or Other Skin
2. Pureland
3. The Secret Gardener
4. Dark Lover
5. Starship (Golden Eye)
6. Children Of The Rain
7. Drug Of War
8. Hanging Man
9. Fanfare For The Lost Tribe
10. The Desert
11. Love's Skeleton
12. Tempest

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2012 releases

Marvin Ayres

Marvin Ayres - Harmogram Suite - CD & DVD

New releases and back catalogue by acclaimed British modern classical/ambient composer Marvin Ayres is now available from Market Square ...

Market Square is pleased to announce the latest music composition from acclaimed British modern classical/ambient composer Marvin Ayres: Harmogram Suite (available in CD, and 5.1 surround sound DVD)

"I wanted to create something orchestral, a large-scale piece which exclusively utilises acoustic classical instruments - which eventually turned out even larger than originally planned."

The Harmogram Suite is the sixth album from the British modern classical/ambient composer Marvin Ayres. This two-disc CD-and-DVD package, recorded in 5.1 surround-sound consistent with the holographic concept, is in the best tradition of his diverse back catalogue of minimalist albums incorporating special soundscapes and psycho-acoustics. Harmogram is Marvin Ayres' term to describe his hybridizing harmonics, harmony and hologram. His initial idea for the piece was that the 'delivery' of sound (i.e.: 5.1, 7.1 Surround, etc) now seems to be almost as important as the 'musical' content and instrumentation involved.

With Harmogram Suite, Marvin takes his listeners on a hugely emotional and dramatic journey in a musical piece written in six movements, over-dubbed with one hundred and forty layers, with every instrument and every part, played by Marvin, excepting the fifth movement which utilises a choir.

During the recording process, different playing techniques, recording set ups and textures were used to produce an authentic full live orchestral sound. The result is a unique, modern classical musical sound composition.

It was at a meeting towards the end of recording the album that Marvin met with Martyn Ware (Human League/Heaven 17). So enthusiastic was Martyn about the piece that he suggested to Marvin that Harmogram Suite should be mixed in 3D, with the intention of giving live performances, in combinations of players and 3D Sound System Orchestra.

The release of Harmogram Suite comes as Marvin continues work on his latest project, Sacred Spaces: an ongoing and evolving performance/recording project, which visits both secular and non-secular places in search of the 'sonic beauty' of each environment. Locations include Bretton Chapel in Yorkshire, H.M.S. Alliance, Tate, Orford Ness, Greenwich Royal Observatory and Winchester Cathedral. Assisted by sound engineer Alex Siddall, Marvin’s instruments are randomly tuned to complement each environment and microphones used to pick up the full ambience of the space once excited by the cellos, violins and violas.

His initial idea progressed from an unusual way of playing cello in the 'live' recording room: aiming towards being spiritual (in a non-religious sense), to discover how the randomly tuned cello 'felt and breathed' with the player and the environment and responding to how the instrument played and resonated in the live room, with the criteria to create warm, beautiful and vibrational sound. Marvin states: "I found that by detuning my cello and improvising, it made the experience similar to playing a totally new instrument, enabling me to play with completely fresh ideas". More about Marvin

Below: You Tube - Lament Dedicated to Reginald Ayres (Boy) 1926-2010 taken from the album Harmogram Suite

Marvin Ayres Catalogue also available from Market Square:

Harmogram Suite 2012

Eccentric Deliquescence 2008

Sensory 2004

Cycle 2004

Scape 2004

Neptune 2001

Cellosphere 1999

For review copies, images, interviews and live music sessions contact Pat Tynan

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Seventh Wave

Seventh Wave (MSMCD154)

[Release date [02.01.12]
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Two men from Britain sounding like twenty..."

that's how America greeted this visionary British ‘70s synth/progressive fusion act and the quote still evinces today the potency and scale of their output.

Formerly in Second Hand and Chillum, multi-instrumentalist and keyboards wizard Ken Elliott and percussionist Kieran O'Connor reached to every corner of music in a quest to build in 1974's 'Things To Come', a sweeping titan of overdub.

Riding on its success, the two recruited the likes of Hugh Banton (Van Der Graaf Generator), jazz fusion singer Pepe Lemer and husband Pete and Steve Cook (the latter two in Gilgamesh) to record the equally towering if more traditionally progressive 'Psi-Fi' the following year.

This collector's 2CD digipack reissue with a 16-page story/photo booklet brings both albums, re-mastered from the original studio tapes, and in the process exposing new dimensions to the innovatory genius of Seventh Wave.


"Totally overwhelming, decidedly oddball, extremely exciting if played loud." Record Disc & Mirror

"...some of the most original and vital music currently being made in Britain - looks like we might be in on the ground floor of a musical revolution here."
Beat Instrumental

"Fairly far-out - a bizarre mixture of Queen and Genesis, with Rick Wakeman offering encouragement from the bar." Melody Maker

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Michael Chapman's fascinating and far better than any such collection could be reasonably expected to be. Andy Fyfe, Mojo ***  (August 2011)

Michael Chapman (MSMCD157)

[Release date 20.06.11]
Genre: Folk Rock/Fusion

Virtuoso guitarist and critically acclaimed songwriter, championed by John Peel and later Charles Shaar Murray, Michael Chapman recorded a quartet of highly regarded albums for EMI's progressive Harvest label.

In this latest archive recordings release, he presides over previously unreleased tracks spanning folk rock, blues, jazz and experimental genres - ranging from a live solo performance in 1969 to studio collaboration with Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) in 2005, by way of a 1980's TV film soundtrack with Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp (Steeleye Span), and much more besides.

With an extensive booklet of Chapman's reminiscences illustrated with pictures from his own collection, 'Growing Pains 3' is another highly personal ‘take' on the rich and varied career of one of British music's most individualistic craftsmen.

'England's most original singer-songwriter' All Music Guide
'One of the most influential characters on the contemporary acoustic music scene', Guitar & Bass

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2010 releases

Nutz (MSMCD153)

[Release date 09.08.10]
Genre: Rock

Recording for A&M, touring with Black Sabbath, wowing BBC TV's Old Grey Whistle Test...NUTZ!

A showcase for their third album for A&M ('Hard'), by the time these hard-rocking faves of the UK live scene recorded this top notch set back in March 1977 for a local radio station, they had honed their act to sweet perfection.

Until now unreleased in any format, it reveals the Liverpool band’s talent for melody and theatricality in a rolling blitz of tight, showy classic rock with glints of metal shining away under the surface.

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Michael Chapman (MSMCD151)

[Release date 22.03.10]
Genre: Rock

Virtuoso guitarist and critically-acclaimed songwriter, championed by John Peel and later Charles Shaar Murray, Michael Chapman recorded a quartet of classic LPs for EMI's progressive Harvest label during the 1970s. Chapman's extensive touring fast won him a passionate following, evidenced on this until-now unreleased live set.

Recorded at Nottingham's Playhouse Theatre on July 23rd 1977 by Chapman and a power house rhythm section in Lindisfarne bassist Rod Clements and former John Mayall drummer Keef Hartley, it includes some of his best-loved songs in “And There Were Three” (MSMCD151) - a jocular reference to Chapman's ever-shrinking band, described nonetheless by notes writer Marc Higgins as ‘a beast with three heads'

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Sonja Kristina (MSMCD150)

[Release date 11.01.10]
Genre: Rock

'Harmonics of Love', is an album that bridges Sonja Kristina's progressive rock and acid folk past with the electronic experimentalism that was to emerge in the noughties via a giddy 'new age' rush of melodic and ambient music connecting acousticity to studio effects and natural sounds sampled from locations as disparate as the Amazon rain forest and that year's Glastonbury Festival.

Bonus tracks for this enhanced reissue take in later work including a Motorhead cover (!) and output from her current project MASK.

Collectable 6-panel digisleeve with 8pp booklet including revised artist
notes and previously unpublished period photographs in a limited pressing of 2000 units

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